Location: Contra Costa County, CA
Time Frame: 2011

The Los Vaqueros Dam and Reservoir Expansion emphasizes both environmental water management uses and municipal water supply reliability and quality. DWR, The Bureau of Reclamation, and Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) collaborated with local, State, and Federal agencies and stakeholders on the formulation and development of this project.

The project goals included:

  • Develop water supplies for environmental water management that supports fish protection, habitat management, and other environmental water needs.
  • Increase water supply reliability for water providers within the San Francisco Bay Area, to help meet municipal and industrial water demands during drought periods and emergencies or to address shortages due to regulatory and environmental restrictions.
  • Improve the quality of water deliveries to municipal and industrial customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, without impairing the project’s ability to meet the environmental and water supply reliability objectives stated above.

Scope of Services

NOA installed several new vibrating wire piezometers and inclinometers to augment the existing geotechnical instruments.  NOA was also responsible for installing, updating, and networking a new ADAS system that the water district would use to gather real time data of all of the geotechnical instruments installed in the reservoir.  NOA also installed several surge panels, manual readout boxes, and a computer server which were all part of the instrumentation ADAS system.

NOA was also Geotechnical Engineer-of Record for materials testing and laboratory services including quality control services for asphalt paving, roller compacted concrete, including density, compaction, moisture content testing, compressive strength cylinder preparation, curing, and testing. NOA also provided on site engineering sampling and testing, on-site laboratory work and provided management and consultation on all geotechnical services to ensure compliance with the main contract documents.