Location: Clearlake, CA
Time Frame: 2011

In it’s continual commitment to upgrade it’s facilities and provide quality collegiate education, the Yuba Community College District invested in substantial improvements to its Clearlake Campus. The improvements at the campus included construction of 3 new school buildings. These included a 16,000 square foot 2-story library and student services center, a 5,000 square foot biology and chemistry lecture classroom, and a 5,000 square foot culinary arts facility. Several existing portable buildings were demolished to accommodate new construction.

Scope of Services

NOA’s scope included the preparation of a CEQA report with traffic and biology baseline studies. Through the CEQA process NOA facilitated traffic impact mitigation with the City of Clearlake. This scope of work also included Phase II environmental sampling and testing to investigate potential impacts from previous underground storage tanks (UST’s).

NOA was the Geotechnical Engineer of Record. The geotechnical investigation consisted of drilling and collecting samples for laboratory testing. Due to the presence of very weak bedrock, NOA recommended and oversaw the installation of geopier foundation elements for structural support.

NOA also provided Construciton Observation, Materials Testing and Inspection Services. These services included compaction testing during site grading, evaluation and quality control of lime treatment, consulting on stabilization and treatment of wet soils, concrete sampling and testing, high strength bolt testing, and shop and field welding inspection services.