NOA offers a wide range of engineering services including geotechnical engineering, foundation and structural engineering, geophysical exploration, environmental and geosciences, forensic investigations, materials testing and construction inspections.  Our staff of highly trained field technicians is qualified to inspect soils, concrete, masonry, post tension, structural steel, rebar, flexible and rigid pavements and perform NDT.  NOA owns a fleet of drill rigs that offer hollow stem auger, mud rotary, rock coring, all-terrain track, and limited access drilling capabilities.  Additionally, NOA has three (3) full service laboratories certified by DSA, AASHTO, CALTRANS, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Our facilities are regularly inspected by CCRL and AMRL and we participate in the Proficiency Sampling Program.  NOA continues to diversify and adjust our many services to meet the ever-changing needs and requirements of the clients we serve.