Each geotechnical instrumentation project presents its own unique set of critical parameters. With our extensive geotechnical background and experience at NOA we are able to identify these parameters and recommend and provide the appropriate instrumentation solution. An example is the application of the technology of TDR or “cable radar”. With TDR, grouted cables in bore holes can detect and locate ground movement. TDR is readily adaptable to real-time remote monitoring and it can be utilized to supplement or even replace more costly inclinometer installations that require routine field measurements.

Geotechnical instrumentation is often used to evaluate slope and embankment stability and seepage. A unique ability of NOA is that we have our own fleet of drill rigs, including and all terrain rig, which allows NOA greater control on scheduling and installation of the various instruments. Additionally NOA has developed extensive experience in the nuances of installing these highly sensitive instruments in difficult field drilling conditions. When difficult conditions arise NOA has the ability to readily adapt, in the field, so as to complete the installation within the schedule and on budget.

By teaming with industry professionals, NOA have the ability to custom design and install systems that can monitor unique and challenging site conditions within the demands of any particular project and to the specific project requirements.

We have encountered unique challenging situations in the past and NOA engineers have custom designed and built down-hole digital inclinometers to remotely monitor ground movement for a pipeline crossing two active landslides.

Utilizing NOA’s innovative engineering culture to geotechnical challenges can result in realized savings on multi-installation projects. It is with this philosophy, using a solution driven approach with technical resources and design solutions, which has rewarded NOA with many repeat and satisfied clients.



• Piezometers
• Inclinometers
• Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) • Extensometers
• Settlement cells and markers
• Tiltmeters
• Crackmeters
• Automated Data Acquisition Systems (ADAS)
• Web Based Monitoring
• Custom Instrumentation Design and Installation