NOA is proud to offer three laboratory testing facilities located in Lodi, Sacramento, and Concord, California. Our laboratories are annually inspected and certified by the American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO-AMRL / CCRL) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM) and are certified by the Department of the State Architect (DSA), California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) and the U. S. Army Corps or Engineers (USACE).

New technologies and standards make hot mix asphalt testing critical to construction success. NOA provides experienced CALTRANS certified field testing inspectors and testing laboratories.

At NOA it is our goal to not simply perform high quality laboratory testing procedures but to also ensure that our testing means and methods exceed our clients’ expectations with technically accurate, electronically recorded results and with detailed reports completed in a timely manner without compromise to procedures and standards.



Aggregate Materials Analysis
Testing is provided to determine material conformance with Federal, State and local agency quality control requirements. We operate a laboratory crushing facility that is able to model full scale crushing operations from primary to secondary washing through jaw and cone crushing stages. Screening equipment and drying ovens enable segregation of size split or the manufacture of specific product type from either a core sample or bulk alluvial sample.

Construction Materials Conformance / Quality Control
Suppliers and contractors have always been concerned with the performance and quality of their product. The knowledge of how significant the variety of materials used is the key to the success of any project. Thus, quality assurance during construction has become increasingly important as a result of the rapid technological expansion of construction methods and materials. Quality assurance and materials testing provides the data needed to establish confidence to all concerned that the materials provided and techniques utilized conform to the project specifications.

The technical staff of NOA always implement new developments and procedures utilized in quality control programs. Our engineers and field technicians provide a vital link between the owner, engineering professional, and the contractor.

NOA’s experienced professional engineers, field inspectors, and laboratory staff provide unsurpassed knowledge in Construction Materials Engineering including testing and monitoring of the following:

Materials Testing

  • Soil / Aggregate Testingincluding but not limited to: specific gravities, proctors, plasticity indices, gradations, – 200’s, fly-ash, cement and lime stabilization, and geotechnical testing.
  • Concrete Testing: including but not limited to: slump, air content, compression strength, modulus of rupture, unit weight, cement content, mix design development and verification, and batch plant inspection.
  • Structural Steel Testing: including but not limited to: weld inspection, A325 bolt torque, welder qualifications, magnetic particle inspections, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, paint thickness, holiday testing and sandblasting inspection.
  • Asphalt Testing: including but not limited to: stabilometer, sieve analysis, cleanness values, durability index, sand equivalent, in-place densities, air content, voids, cutback sampling, cores, specific gravity, bulk density, gradation and extraction, Marshall & CALTRANS mix design development and verification, and absorption.
  • Masonry: including but not limited to: grout, mortar, masonry compression tests, absorption, and shrinkage.