NOA first began engineering swimming pools in 1995 after having been contracted to provide geotechnical forensic consultation on a failed pool structure that had suffered distress as a result of construction in expansive soils. The following years has seen NOA expand its swimming pool services to include; aquatic facility programming and swimming pool design services, structural shell design, mechanical and sanitization system design, and forensic investigations, for public use recreation and competition swimming pools that include; high schools, municipal community pools, resort facilities, above-grade and in-ground hotel pools, residential pools, lazy rivers, splash pads and a variety of water features, fountains and water elements.

 NOA is fully committed to the advancement and betterment of the swimming pool construction industry. Since 1995 we have provided swimming pool design and engineering services to architects, owners, and contractors for over 90,000+ commercial and residential pool projects throughout the United States. Additionally NOA engineers have provided expert witness testimony in litigation for deficient swimming pool structures, have published several articles in a national aquatic publication and are regular guest lecturers at swimming pool and spa pool construction industry conferences and trade shows throughout the USA. NOA holds professional engineering licenses in 26 states.

Programming, Design and Engineering Services

 NOA is a full-service swimming pool design and engineering consultant, offering a comprehensive list of services provided through its licensed, professional staff.

 Existing Facility Evaluation:  We assist clients in making informed decisions regarding options for a swimming pool facility. We work with communities and private sector clients for the purpose of extending or enhancing the life and revenue stream of an existing facility. The first step in this process is to evaluate the existing facility’s strengths, weaknesses and options.

 Renovation: NOA are uniquely qualified to provide design options for the renovation and rehabilitation of an existing swimming pool. As a company with geotechnical engineering knowledge we provide structural shell engineering solutions to pool shell failures and for rehabilitation upgrades. Our experience in forensic investigations of pool shell failures over many years confirms that shell failures are less likely to be contributed to structural design but rather a miss understanding of the many different issues related to soils conditions. We combine this geotechnical experience to provide sound pool shell design and remediation solutions.

 Programming and Concept Design: We are experienced in and conversant with programming and planning of swimming pool facilities for both recreational and competitive use. We work with our clients to create a plan that enhances and optimizes their vision and goals. The initial planning process for a swimming pool facility is perhaps the most important phase in determining the future success of the project. We assist our client to evaluate the site and use our experience in programming and master planning of swimming pool facilities to identify goals and objectives to optimize end-user benefits. We meet with the client and involved parties, educating in the new trends in recreation swimming and providing knowledge in the requirements for competitive sports between the various governing bodies for swimming, waterpolo, diving and synchronized swimming. The outcome of these meetings provides clear direction for the development of the project, and is the first step in capturing community and user group involvement for its future success.

 Design: Once programming needs have been addressed, we work within the budget parameters, to transform concepts into design. We provide complete swimming pool systems design including circulation, filtration and sanitization and structural engineering of the swimming pool shells. Construction documents and specifications are prepared utilizing the latest in CAD technology as part of our basic services. Coordination with local health departments at the early stage of the design process assures timely approvals of permits required to construct and operate the facility.

 Construction Observation: NOA are committed to protecting our client’s best interests in providing the best product. We have worked with all regional swimming pool contractors and many out-of-state contractors and fully understand the swimming pool construction process, techniques and schedule implications that arise as part of the normal construction phase. We use this knowledge to foresee unexpected problems with an attempt to navigate past them before costly errors can occur.

  • Municipal
  • College and University
  • High School
  • Community Sports and Wellness
  • Resorts, Lodges, Casinos and Hotels
  • Residential
  • Geotechnical – ‘soils reports’
  • Materials Testing and Inspections
  • Forensic Studies and Investigations
  • Expert Testimony